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White Branch


"Katie is such a kind and welcoming face, there to help and support your greatest good and highest well-being. My feelings were acknowledged and my voice felt heard. Together we unpacked what was really going on and then worked to create a productive game plan to help me resolve the conflict. As a highschooler navigating through complex social relationships, I felt understood and validated. It was a pleasure to speak with Katie, she is such a bright and loving soul."

White Branch


"I participated in Wellness Coaching with Katie while facing a crossroads in my life, and her unique approach gave rise to the clarity that had previously eluded me. With genuine kindness and respect, Katie created a safe space for me to tell my story and offered a customized approach to recreating the narrative. Katie laid the groundwork for me to approach my dilemma in a productive way, which has made a positive difference in my sleep quality and overall wellbeing. Equipped with the tools I learned from my Wellness Coach, I now have a constructive template that I will use to address crossroads in the future. I am grateful for Katie’s skills, not only as an expert coach but also as a role model for those in pursuit of fulfillment and inner peace." - Lauren 

White Branch


"Katie has the ability to connect with people of all ages with ease and grace. She's a skilled coach with a plethora of lived experiences both in this country and abroad that allows her to see things multidimensionally. Any parent wanting to provide their daughter with a coach and a confidant to help discover and chart the direction of her life, will not be disappointed."

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