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Dear Parents...

With Blossoming Devi, I provide a variety of holistic services aimed in empowering young women (ages 11-20) to find connection to their intuition and learn tools and strategies that can assist them in decision making so they can feel more prepared, aligned, and confident. What I’ve found is that most middle-high school aged girls feel lost and confused. They feel pressure from everyone around them to be “perfect” and have everything figured out. They are frustrated with the lack of connection and understanding in their relationships and frustrated as well with themselves, for not knowing what they want and why they do what they do. Most of them believe they aren’t good enough and lack what it takes to “succeed”, so they fall into a rut of feeling stuck and out of control in their mind and body.

As your daughter's coach, it is my job to empower her as the designer and creator of her life. I will assist her in discovering those gifts, talents, qualities, and strengths that will be a bank of resources she can return to throughout her entire life. I know that she is an incredible spirit and that she holds inherent wisdom and the answers to all of the questions that circulate through her mind. It will be my joy to create a safe space to walk with her along the path towards her greatest potential. Coaching can vary with your daughter's needs and desires, ranging from developing connection to her intuition and inner power, to skill building and conflict-resolution skills. As coaching continues and deepens, it is my intention that your daughter will gain personal and peer leadership skills that she can continue to develop and rely on for the rest of her life as she navigates through social and professional adversity.

Weaving together my experience in transpersonal coaching, positive psychology, yoga therapy, Buddhist philosophy, and herbal healing, we will create a personalized package of services that will lead your daughter to a brighter more radiant self. I absolutely cannot wait! Please click on my scheduling page to book a free Discovery Call to see what we’re all about.


“The inward journey is about finding your own fullness, something that no one else can take away.” -Deepak Chopra

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