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Hi! My name is Katie Gilluly. I am a certified psychosynthesis life coach, yoga teacher and herbalist. I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, avid world traveler, forever Buddhism student, and non-profit youth mentor. I am a flight attendant, a catering chef, a nanny, a gardener, and a self-proclaimed dancer. :) All these labels fit, but they are not all of me. I am the consciousness that binds all of these identities together, that delights in life and strives to spread compassion throughout the world. And the place to start is right here, right now.

When I look back on my teenage years, part of me remembers the youthful innocence and curiosity about what comes next. And yet part of me also remembers the fear and frustrations that plagued me every day. The fear of being left out, excluded, judged. The fear of not being good enough and feeling false in trying. I remember the loneliness, sadness and anger I felt with myself for not being able to make decisions quickly and feel content with the outcome. I couldn't stick with the goals that I set and I procrastinated assignments because they held no meaning for me. I struggled with an eating disorder because I felt that it was the only way that I could prove and establish my identity and I did things I normally wouldn't do just to fit into what other people wanted me to be. 

Since then, I have spent years studying myself to find out who I really am. I've traveled all over the world asking myself this question. And I've learned from every place I've visited and every person I've met, that we have a CHOICE in how we engage with life. We can CHOOSE to live in the shadows and always be comparing ourselves to others, or we can choose acceptance and ease. 

With everything going on in the world, the last thing we need is to be our own worst enemy. Let us practice compassion, empathy, curiosity, patience, and trust. Let us learn how to live in peace with ourselves and take back control of our mental and physical health by turning inward and LISTENING. So here I am, offering life-design coaching sessions, therapeutic yoga work, herbal consultations, and more than that, a space to discover the radiance you truly are. 


who i am

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