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Life coaching, therapeutic yoga, and personalized herbal care for teenagers and young women.

ABOUT  Blossoming  devi

Blossoming Devi began as a company when I came into realization that all the beautiful souls graced with presence on this earth have been dealt a pretty difficult hand. In light of the current challenges that face humanity, our biggest obstacle is the self. It is my goal as a practitioner, trained in both Eastern and Western healing arts, to collaborate, workshop, dialogue, dream and discover the biggest hurdles that are keeping YOU from being your most vibrant and fulfilled self. 

With extensive experience in yoga therapy, meditation, mindfulness, Western herbalism, Liberating Structure leadership development, and Psychosynthesis life coaching, I have developed many tools that can offer you a journey to deeper love, presence, and true freedom.

The name DEVI is Sanskrit for "goddess" "heavenly, divine" or "anything of excellence". And this, sister, is YOU. Psychosynthesis, yoga, and herbal spiritual practices all center on the core belief that we as beings are whole, complete, and divine. The external world can cause us to doubt this belief and create conflict and cloudiness around the innate knowing of who we are, but with compassion and care, we can connect back into our inner wisdom to discover the clarity of our true self.

I am here as a guide and co-creator, to hold a safe space nourishing to your journey into radiance and vitality. Whether you are drawn toward future development and planning, or beginning a spiritual exploration, we can tailor a program that feels in alignment with you. Through one-on-one customized sessions or small group work (*see "Empowerment Pods" under services), we will build power and momentum to take you exactly where you want to go.


Let the discovery begin!


Learn more by scheduling a complimentary Discovery Call with Katie!

  • Check in, breathe, listen to what wisdom lies inside.
  • A general intake of what's going on with YOU and how herbs can help!
  • Let's discover the inherent flow while targeting your personal goals
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